andrea barnes explorer

Their ONLY un-real contrived exercise event claimed is the Andrea Barnes story.

Centered around one woman's lifelong quest to find the edge of the world, this short 'documentary' convincingly explains why the world is flat. his ill-fated 1910 to 1912 Antarctic expedition, Gallery: Scientists at the Ends of the Earth. Here's a cartoon concept video for illustrating a ... Google Earth view of 27 Antarctic stations out of... Aerosoft - a second simulation company -, Australia bases Casey Davis Mawson promo video, balloon - NASA circumnavigation in 1 month, BNASRoberts simulation - 1/4 of coastline missing, Casey Station - take off fro Wilkens Rnway, colonization of Antarctica - began with Mawson and McMurdo, Cut out - Antarctica is a cut out inverse of Arctic Ocean, fuel depots - Fossil Bluff - take off of a Twin Otter, Fuel depots - Key to solving the question, Geometry of inversion of Antarctica from island to ice plain, Google earth view 27 stations - updated analysis with map, Google Earth view of 27 stations in Antarctica, Inspection tour - complete official reports, inspection tour - questionable situations, Joint Inspection of Antarctica by US and Russia, New Horizons Expedition - 1 month for 1/3 circumnavigatin, partial circumnavigations - Antarctis & Paulse, Partial Navigation to Detect a Convex or Concave Antarctic Shoreline, Polar Star USCG 3/4 circumnavitgation 1983. Its simple. I wish them the best of luck in their life and spirit journey. Thank you Rick for this enlightening moment in time! I found nd this film to be an inspiring story of a brave and tenacious women who's courage was surpassed only by her intuitive insight into the true nature of the physical universe. In all essence I feel we must question why it has not been done as it would settle the flat/globe debate without having to resort to photo shopped photos from space. (My daughter came home with an exercise book that stated the following. The MAIN thing I look at here is how to verify the circumference of the world at the high SOUTH latitudes. LMAO... Good point Firefly5555. Please go to and see that latest post, and then scroll down a bit to go to several previous posts for more on this latest obsession of mine. It's true that what NASA did to those astronots made them crazy. Thanks for the link. -O.W. Good ole "bullfrog" conveniently made this up. I guess to be expected, Hendon being a journalist and not a scholar on the subject. More to the point, why would the National Library of Australia hold a copy plus five other State libraries in Australua hold copies as well, if the film was fake?? I say MIGHT simply because there are some ignorant, puppet/slaves like Rich-tard who don't have the mental capacity to look beyond what they have been force fed their whole lives. This film is not for them. "At the end of the day, this is one of the greatest stories of human exploration history, full stop," said author David M. Wilson, who said that although Scott's story is well-known, the photographs reveal a side of the man largely unseen. If there is, case closed, the earth is a sphere. Too funny! Our only goal is to assist our returning military to transition into new careers. They're using "education in media" as a front for their hoax. Andrea Barnes, 62, has been a member of TRIAD for nearly 10 years, she said that the organization has traveled as far as Maryland in the charter bus. The photographer, Edgar Clifton from Dallmeyer's studio, mounted his camera two feet above the water at Welney and was surprised to be able to obtain a picture of the target, which *should have been invisible* to him given the low mounting point of the camera. I think he's confused because you two share a common species but yet can see the world so differently: one living in a fantasy, the other not. EVERYTHING moves in the cosmos. [email protected]

I found it to be a fascinating documentary back then even though the globe model is really shoved in our faces. Hilarious routes of "balloon missions" over Antarc... Why did Amundsen "almost" circumnavigate yet fail ... All routes to South Pole start on "left half", non... BnasRoberts simulator only covers 3/4 of circular ... A second flight simulator company provides us with... Power for Continent 7 - a US Navy newsreel from 1962. You should read and study and have an open mind to all the evidence and way all information, but when you just copy and paste everything you are not thinking for yourself , may God soften your harden heart. Wow, the troll factory spits them out all over the internet universe even finding obscure blogs like this one. Its a fake documentary made in canada to teach school children to think critically. (Two of their party succumbed earlier: Petty Officer Edgar Evans was done in by injury, and, hobbled by frostbite, Lawrence Oates famously sacrificed himself by walking out alone into a snowstorm.) How disappointing. Summary: Andrea Barnes is 53 years old today because Andrea's birthday is on 11/11/1966. Retard Not-so-smart, why are you so angry if you think you are so right? Because the Earth is (oblately!) Because you are just so full of shit I'd bet my life on you having brown eyes. Captain James Cook is not a useful reference for flat earth Antarctica after all. Is it being "decommissioned"? Watching all these scientists speak so convincingly about the flatness of the Earth, I actually found myself wanting to believe them!

Can you please officially tell me if she was real or fabricated for the benefit of my apparent hundreds of readers? The non space thing is just more theory garbage. They have to spend the time to show you how you're wrong, and you get to just say whatever you want.

We do not sell advertising and will not market to you. This is not age-appropriate for school children because the gifted child WILL take it seriously-- interpreting what is supposed to be an exercise as a revelation DISGUISED as an exercise-- and thus deniable by school authorities. NOT EVEN ONE LITTLE BIT, IT'S ALL JUST THE RANTINGS OF EXTREME CONSERVATIVES/REPUBLICANS/OTT GOD-BOTHERERS AND NUTTERS. Are you bumping an age old thread to suggest that Leo Charles Ferrari was not a real doctor? And there's a shit load more obviously, but seeing video's of the sun shining all day at 65` north? Andrea has volunteered to be available for private messages. I wasn't expecting to run into this whole conversation. Makes me think there's more to this video than meets the eye! They are ALL retarded in some shape or form, posting downright laughable videos on YouTube under such usernames as "God Almighty" and "Immortal Souls". And if YOU'RE so clever,why not do everyone reading this a favour and maybe try CAPITALIZING the first letter of every sentence? 12 April 1961 should maybe point you in the right direction. You show yourself in your words. After his sledding party left the relative comfort of the expedition base, Scott even began experimenting with images that his teacher, the master photographer Ponting, rarely attempted, such as action shots and panoramas, Wilson said. The dumb asses. His grandfather's brother Edward Wilson appears in many of the photos. You are far from smart. Also, there are normal cycled days/nights through the year. Fast forward several years, and the photographs, after a painstaking cataloging effort, are labeled and reproduced as large black-and-white prints in a handsome coffee-table book., I am deeply in love with every single piece of information you post here. games online klik di sinicheat games online In fact, here's a link for you: you COULD JUST GOOGLE/BING/YAHOO her. HOW MUCH SIMPLER DO I HAVE TO MAKE IT BEFORE IT PERCOLATES INTO WHAT PASSES AS A BRAIN FOR YOU?

I've been reading Dubay off and on-- getting discouraged and excited off and on--- going around in circles-- during the past year. These pages are built with modern web browsers in mind, and are not optimized for Internet Explorer 8 or below.

He has a model which we disagree with, but the video has its merits in its historic and background Flat Earth information. In other words, the story was TOO good! I don't doubt that I was asked the same leading-you-to-the-appropriate-answer critical thinking exercises that my daughter just completed.It makes me double think the documentary. Please feel free to fuck off to Antarctica and follow old Andrea - seriously, why don't you maybe GO TO THE SOUTH POLE. Andrea Barnes was convinced that there was an edge-- and set out several times to see it!

lol,,haha,,got another one?

I just looked up the Australian National Archives NLA Trove. Do you take flat earth seriously as she did then? They both used to have lots of documentaries back then.Why would a critical thinking mockumentary be made before we really saw anything of the sort?

For example, there is NO Antarctic inspection tour that has gone completely around Antarctica to visit most stations in a verifiable period of time with verifiable distance measurement. Sorry I didn't clarify where I got that thought. I have a background in IT and cybersecurity.
Please read PIm's book and pay attention to the Quantum physics chapter :) 1961 Andrea takes snowmobile… and disappeared. The trouble with that is that a lot of what they say is very realistic vis a vis the flat earth argument side of things. There are numerous problems I can't surmount. Follow OurAmazingPlanet for the latest in Earth science and exploration news on Twitter and on Facebook.

Science is what happens when preconception meets verification. For her to have "realised" in the minds of some Bible-Bashing halfwits says more about them than all the psychological testing in the world. It's quite obviously a (slightly oblate!)

Why would I remember it all these years if the flat earth theory had been completely debunked in my globe indoctrinated youth? Do any FE'ers agree with the film IN SEARCH OF THE EDGE? In addition, the photographs are unedited, he said, "so you have the photographs from the humble beginnings.". It somehow got "loose" in the world at large.... maybe through Divine Providence or something like that. Herbert Ponting, the expedition's official photographer, didn't accompany Scott to the pole, and survived to bring Scott's photos, along with his own iconic images of the expedition, back to England; however, the majority of Scott's photographs had lain in a disorganized jumble for decades, lost in a photo agency's basement. For anybody who insists that Flat Earthers are ignorant, stupid, silly "retards", ("retards" who are simply using NASA's mathematics and equations to disprove their GLOBE THEORY mind you) really ought to take a moment to see the facts laid out in front of them. Guys. Many of the publicity stunts being carried out today, in regards to Antarctica, are done so well as news-- that many people believe them as well-- such as crossing Antarctica solo or racing around 60 degrees in a sail boat race.
Which can't be, because the video "Frozen South"is a time lapse of 24/7 sunlight at the south pole base station, which is 0 degrees south. A tent, with a dark flag fluttering above it, stood at the spot. Even Eric Dubay called out Leo Zagami (interviewed) early on as a gatekeeper front of the Flat Earth Society pushing shilly ideas amongst the greater established facts.I think its a mindfuck for students, a mocking of the masses and somewhat of a test to check who is thinking. Aerial Circumnavigation of Antarctica Flight Plans of Globe vs. Flat Earth. Where is your proof Richard Smart. And some people are just indoctrinated sheep who refuse to think outside the box. Get off ur lazy tush and use a telescope and go to a beach and watch ships go "over the edge" then use that telescope and pull that ship right back into sight 100 mls away. Bullfrog Documentary company just admitted to me that they made the whole thing up.

Dont feel bad for being lied to, feel excited that we have more information, So Andrea Barnes is a fictional character. Not necessarily spinning through space (I've never believed that), but the sun circling around in a spiral cancer to capricorn would still work. Why in "Earthrise" is the earth so small? I think not.

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