best cars for sales reps 2020

It can travel up to 34 miles on electric power alone, meaning many drivers won’t have to use any diesel for their daily commutes. Sitting between medium hatchbacks and full-sized SUVs, the best small SUVs have bundles of cabin space. Locked wheels mean you’ve effectively lost control of the car, which can lead to serious accidents. We swerve around objects at 56mph to make sure the car remains stable and grips the road. There may now be a plug-in version but we still think the standard hybrid is the one to go for if you’re a company-car driver. For decades the diesel engine was the default choice of the company-car driver. We check to see how well every car copes with last-minute avoidance. Pure diesel and petrol power still makes sense in many cases, but there are more, We round up the finest company cars across five price bands, with a bumper crop of EVs, to help business users choose, Here are the best company cars for less than £15,000, Here are the best company cars for between £15,000 to £20,000, Here are the best company cars for between £20,000 to £30,000, Here are the best company cars between £30,000 to £50,000, Here are the best company cars for over £50,000, Best electric company cars: £20,000 to £80,000, Here are the best electric company cars on sale, Company car tax guide 2020/2021: everything you need to know. All rights reservedCarbuyer™ is a registered trade mark, Toyota Corolla Touring Sports estate review. The BiK surcharge levied against diesel engines means the 1.5-litre diesel is in a slightly higher BiK band, so it'll only be worth it for long-distance drivers who don’t want a bigger car. There’s more to consider than just a large boot. The quintessential family cars with plenty of space and safety features, MPVs shouldn’t be too expensive to run despite being some of the largest cars on the road. The E 300 de diesel plug-in hybrid uses the same 191bhp 2.0-litre, four-cylinder diesel engine from the E 200 d along with a 121bhp electric motor for a maximum output of 302bhp. Estate cars are known for boot space and comfort, and the top-rated ones will have both. While our testing has found some cheap and cheerful models, we’ve also found Don’t Buys with puny engines, poor handling, and a lack of safety equipment such as speed limiters and autonomous emergency brakes. £18,016 Price from. Sensors that help guide you into a space are becoming more common, but these pricey extras shouldn’t come at the expense of a well-designed cabin. The E-Class was already a great all-rounder but the added bonus of plug-in hybrid economy boosts its appeal as a company car. When specced with a 1.5-litre diesel engine, the 3008 GT Line is capable of up to 56.3mpg while emitting 104g/km of CO2, giving it an affordable BiK rating. Sometimes the back seats are more cramped than the front, particularly when it comes to coupé SUVs – the sloping roofs can significantly diminish rear headroom. It’s doubly important for the 2020/2021 tax year given that the Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) company car tax regulations have had a massive shake-up. The exterior might be a little bland but the Kia’s boxy dimensions provide a spacious interior and a 451-litre boot capacity. But choose the wrong model and you could end up with a fault-prone car that will spend as much time with a mechanic as it does on your driveway. The high price means we often have higher expectations for how a sports car should perform on the road. Hulking 4x4s and large SUVs shouldn’t be short of space, whether that’s in the boot or the cabin. One small car has the dubious honour of being our lowest-rated car. Those factors are not only plus points for a supermini but also for a good company car. Your company car is classed as a fringe benefit by the Government, so it incurs Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) taxation. Diminutive cars that are easy to drive and park, cheap to buy and won’t see you emptying your wallet at the fuel pump, either. Is your car suffering from a smoky exhaust? Fiat 500L (2013-⁠) Test score % Reviewed Mar 2013. Expectations of luxury cars are understandably high – the top-rated models we’ve uncovered in our tough tests meet them. Our pick would be the GT Line trim level, which gets you kit such as Peugeots’ i-Cockpit infotainment and LED headlights. The chief drawback for many would-be electric-car buyers is the range. Click the links below to see our round-up of the very best. This means you need to consider if you will drive enough miles to justify the amount you’d save in fuel over the higher BiK cost and related income tax. First month £5, then £9.99 per month, cancel anytime. This can manage around 30 miles on electric power, producing only 49g/km of CO2 when specced with smaller wheels in sporty R-Design trim, giving it a low BiK rating. Popular models include the Ford Fiesta, Honda Jazz, Nissan Micra and Vauxhall Corsa. See new car deals Save up to £3,766 with What Car? However, their traditional Achilles Heel is poor motorway mpg - although some of the best hybrid cars can be exceptions to this trend. By contrast, our top Best Buy small car scores 73%. Best cheap cars for 2020; 16. Don’t be wooed by some of the low-cost crossovers, because sometimes you really do get what you pay for. Low CO2 emissions of 83 to 89g/km ensure a low company car BiK liability. 2020 Volkswagen ID.3 hatchback: base model starts at under £30k, Audi Q8 gains plug-in hybrid versions with 28-mile electric range, Used VW Golf buying guide: 2004-08 (Mk5); 2009-13 (Mk6), Copyright © Dennis Publishing Limited 2020. If you can’t find the part you need or it’s very expensive, then your lovely luxury car is all but useless. Popular models include the Citroen C4 Cactus, Kia Sportage and Nissan Qashqai. The Land Rover Discovery Sport P300e plug-in hybrid promises 135mpg and an all-electric range of 38 miles, but does it deliver? On sale: Autumn. The final score will be based more on how well the car handles and how fun it is to drive, rather than practicality – no one ever bought a sports car for its boot capacity. All that extra room means there’s no excuse for a large SUV not to be comfy either. This is why we perform our own fuel-economy tests, so you will know how often you’ll really need to fill up and how much your car will cost you over time. Handling is paramount for an enjoyable driving experience, but some sports cars we’ve driven aren’t nearly responsive enough. The best 7-seaters should still have a sizeable boot and not be cramped, even when they’re full. Chevrolet Aveo (2008-⁠2012) Test score % Reviewed May 2008. We can think of no other EV that is better suited to everyday family life and it’s a car that’s almost unbeaten as an all-round electric car package. In recent years though, petrol, hybrid and plug-in hybrid, and electric cars have all become increasingly popular with company-car drivers thanks to more beneficial BiK tax rates. To make it as easy as possible to find the perfect vehicle, we’ve rounded up the best cars in each class. Popular models include the Ford Focus, Honda Civic, Hyundai i30 and VW Golf. You can understand more and change your cookies preferences here. Superb ride quality and comfort, mixed with every piece of in-car tech you can think of, make these cars some of the most impressive around. The estate version also uses the hatch’s 1.8-litre and 2.0-litre hybrid powertrains, which can both can return over 60mpg in its most frugal specification. They will also be a breeze to drive. Our troubleshooting guide tells you the causes and what you need to do to fix it, Tesla Model 3 and Model S receive spec adjustment, with extra tech and updated software increasing range across the board, This week marks the start of a new tax year, which is an important time if you’re a company car driver. If the front wheels lock, then the car can’t be a Best Buy. We’ve found cars that don’t give nearly enough consideration to passenger comfort and, coupled with poor suspension, your lower back will feel every pothole. It’s not the last word in driver engagement but it does offer a well-designed, comfortable cabin and a huge 581-litre boot, matching more expensive rivals with ease. Second-hand luxury cars can be tempting, but some of the older models are difficult to get repaired. It's a pleasure to drive, is reliable and has low running costs. We use foam blocks, which ignore the small nooks that nothing practical can fit into, to give a realistic figure for boot space. If an estate car is high off the ground or has a raised lip at the base of the boot, it can be difficult to load, especially if you’re carting heavy items around. £9,238 Price from. Already know which type of car you want? BiK rates for plug-ins are based on a sliding scale that depends on how many miles any given PHEV can cover in electric-only mode, assuming they emit between 1 and 50g/km CO2. Where hybrid cars can really come alive is in urban driving - pick the right model and they'll easily best the average petrol or diesel for urban mpg. The Jaguar I-Pace is the firm’s first attempt at an electric car and undercuts the rival Tesla Model X with a starting… Popular models include the Honda CR-V, Range Rover and Volvo XC90. Along with EVs, plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) benefit hugely from these rule changes. Best company cars 2020 We round up the finest company cars across five price bands, with a bumper crop of EVs, to help business users choose. We determine how quickly a car accelerates from 37-62mph, rather than 0-60, so you know how well smaller cars will cope with overtaking and changing lanes. If the suspension isn’t up to scratch, we have the sore bums to prove it. Unsafe cars put everyone at risk in the event of a crash. It can cover up to 37 miles on electric power, and is a potential money-saver due to a low BiK rate as a result of 39g/km of CO2. More spacious than city cars but just as simple to drive, the best small cars are comfortable, cheap to buy and deceptively roomy. Our mixture of scientific lab-controlled tests, real-world driving and unique survey data means our reviews are the most informative and accurate around. Want to know which car you should buy in 2020? Popular models include the Citroen C4 Picasso, Ford S-Max and Renault Scenic. Even better, company-car drivers will appreciate the low rate of BiK tax, which drops to absolutely nothing for the 2020/21 tax year. The basic upshot of this is that for many pure petrol and diesel cars, official emissions are now higher, so business users will pay more. We update our reviews so that you don’t buy an excellent model of yesteryear that hasn’t aged well. Company drivers will appreciate the Superb’s comfort and relaxed driving manners, as well as the excellent build quality. … The go-to family car if you need two extra seats. With an electrically assisted engine, the 330e plug-in hybrid is the model to pick. Buying a car is one of the biggest decisions you can make. We drive every car we test over a test track with more than enough lumps, bumps and potholes to replicate a British road. Best family cars for 2020; Lexus LS (2007-⁠2012) Test score % Reviewed Jan 2007. Now, however, a diesel model that doesn’t comply to RDE2 standards incurs a 4% BiK surcharge (up to 37%) over petrol models with the same emissions figure. We found that 98% of cars can’t meet their official mpg. Popular models include the Ford Mondeo, Skoda Octavia and Tesla Model 3. The Prius doesn’t provide drivers with much in the way of enjoyment but it’s easy to live with thanks to tidy handling and a CVT gearbox. A terrible safety rating, poor brakes and unresponsive handling resulted in a total test score of only 3%. Half of all new cars registered in the UK are purchased for company car fleets. When choosing a company car, you'll want to keep a close eye on costs, with a car's Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) liability a deciding factor. The last thing you want is to be tens of thousands of pounds worse off, with only a boring car to show for it. The Volvo XC60 is an excellent example of this progress with an SUV that is good-looking, comfortable, refined and packed with an array of modern tech. Our Which? The information we collect informs our reviews; if a car is known to break down often or require a lot of costly repairs, it can’t be a Best Buy. Volvo has been on a hot streak in recent years; the latest models have maintained the brand’s reputation for safety while gaining an upmarket edge to rival anything from Germany.

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