black panther sighting nc

It made one big leap and landed approximately 10 feet from my car, but on all four of its feet. Bobcat captured on an eMammal camera trap. It was at the bottom of my steps. At first i thought "a dirty panther" but when i started looking online, i discovered they have brown spots underneath the darker coat. They all over middle and west TN. I was driving, so no picture. Officers were called to the 1000 block of East 17th Street at 4:28 p.m. on a report of a shooting. The hair on my neck stood straight up. This cat was about 5 feet long, 3-4 feet tall and a tail about the same length as the body, and a whitish underbelly. According to their official press release, “no states or provinces provided evidence of the existence of an eastern cougar population, nor did analysis of hundreds of reports from the public suggest otherwise. Carisbrooke South Africa, Crvena Zvezda Vs Partizan Basketball, Donna Campbell Smith (author) from Central North Carolina on March 03, 2018: Wow! I was in my grandpa's old house (he had passed by then) and my kids and wife come running into the my house and said its the panther. Donna Campbell Smith (author) from Central North Carolina on January 22, 2018: Judy Joyner, it sure sounds like a cougar/panther. We had arborist cutting some dead trees a few days later that claimed they could smell cat urine near our house. the woods have been died all 4 weeks I hunted there ,no deer ,no dogs that always barked as i went across the fields, i had something last year jump out of a tree behind me never seen it but could tell it was heavy the way it landed.woods went died silent that day,not first time i had this happen ,but first in daytime where i could see it. “It was definitely a cat, it started to lope across my back yard and went into the corn field. Now I can at least show people this when I talk about the experience my wife and I had today. But I suppose its just as likely a cougar with the black gene. “We get lots of … At Christmas, I set up a trail cam in the area, to see if I could possibly snag a photo. He was driving along highway 308 just east of the San Sucie Road in Bertie County when he saw a big cat sitting beside the road. There have been more sightings on Beech Springs Road, about 5 miles away. We were going around 35 mph when all of the sudden we saw a large feline run across the road from the right shoulder to the left and disappear instantly. Nice tan color, long tail, meandering across the road into the trees. But there's no doubt what it was. Believe it or not, house cats are also mistaken for mountain lions. All rights reserved. Had i not had my 30-30 rifle with me i would have went back to the truck. It was impossible to travel that far without being ran over. Don't have to be specific, just state and county. “Imagine my surprise the next morning when I'd captured this picture on my field camera. She attends Tigerville Elementary. We will b keeping a very close eye out. In November 1998 my Dad and I were in North Carolina to work on our cabin. Also, it had the previously mentioned long tail. Neither of us could convince the other that it was a house cat. READ MORE Tuesday, April 21, 2020 / Author: NCWRC blogger / Number of views (1473) / Comments (0) / What Howard says, now, is this: Eastern cougars are believed to be extinct, and they were not black; they didn’t have a melanistic phase. The door is glass and my easel is about three feet away from the door. A cougar jumped the 15-foot wide canal and landed in the trail about 100 feet ahead of them. appointmen... We must accept the results of universal suffrage, and not try to make it “Black panthers have been part of modern lore in the United States for more than 100 years, despite the lack of any compelling evidence of their existence,” she wrote in August. Though they are officially classed as small cats the average weight of a male cougar is 150 pounds. I have no way of knowing if it was an eastern cougar, one that had migrated from the west or an escaped captive. All these black panther sightings, turn out to be housecats, she wrote. We know what we saw. Stephanie Henkel from USA on August 12, 2013: I live in Currituck County, and have not heard of any cougar sightings here, but I would love to see one! You can watch the entire special in the player above. It was tawny colored, with a cat's face and a long, thick tail. In any case, cougars are protected in our state. Many people have heard the term “black panther,” but these are actually melanistic jaguars or leopards: a genetic trait that makes an individual cat’s fur appear much darker than the usual coloration. My son said, "mom, there's a deer!" I’m adding 4 more cougars to the Appalachian mountains. I live near Pamlico Beach and have seen a cougar near my home and also between Belhaven NC & Washington NC. There was no doubt that this was a cougar, I've seen several in Florida. Raiders Vs Saints History Scores, One of the biggest misconceptions about North Carolina wildlife is the existence of cougars, or black panthers, in our state. It was about 5 feet long with a tail that was 4 or 5 feet long that stuck straight out behind it. My wife and I saw one in Rutherford county nc on hwy 108 where it crosses green river between polk and rutherford co. See the link above in my article. His team of biologists had placed remote wildlife cameras to track the leopard population near a conservancy in Laikipia County last year when they heard reports of a possible black leopard sighting. They need “proof” to be convinced. Team Synonym Resume, There is a large black cougar in the upstate of SC. These big cats, he said, “can’t exist without some form of genetic exchange,” which means new, unrelated cats have to enter the population from somewhere. We immediately google searched the pictures of mountain lions and it was an exact match. You can find sound clips online with a quick search. The cougar is a big cat known by many names including panther, mountain lion, puma and up to 80 more, but these are all the same species, Although cougars are sometimes called panthers, "black panther" is not a name that can be attributed to this species. That's getting close to home. Now thinking back to the screenshot from my camera, i believe it may have been a cougar cub. Ive seen a black cougar at least once, maybe two times. We were both VERY surprised to see each other at Hart Road, in Franklin County, NC. It happened so fast that I was not able to focus. I had looked down when I heard my dad gasp. She has an AAS degree in equine tech and is a certified instructor. It came out the woods and walked along the tree line in my backyard as i was talking on the phone. heard them scream before dark before down next to river.I got people around there tell me about there seeing some hearing them.Had one stalk me while walking out from hunting at night . Although cougars are sometimes called panthers, "black panther" is not a name that can be attributed to this species. We were stunned while watching this beautiful animal.

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