dean venture middle name

Dean also admitted being upset that he and Hank weren't close anymore and that he was jealous of his carefree attitude that allows him to dress as The Bat in public without shame. In All This and Gargantua-2, Dean has amended his relationship with his father even managing to encourage the latter in the space station's darkest hour. Just be sure to pick a middle name that sounds good with James in front of it! having a "brother". He is voiced by Michael Sinterniklaas. Many of the characters are surreal depictions of people he knows, such as Quizboy Billy appearing to him as the giant boy detective (and who at one point refers to him as "a bit of a pussy"). During his depression he gained a sarcastic, cynical view of things as well as using stronger language and becoming a vegetarian. "The silent killer"--as their father put it. The O.S.I. Being killed in a bed fire caused by Dr. Venture accidentally spilling liquid on their learning beds. This seems to suggest that the curriculum has not been updated since Thaddeus Venture's childhood. agents are redrafted into O.S.I., leaving the former Henchman 21 as the only S.P.H.I.N.X. Dean takes to both and tries to grow his hair back, only to think he accidentally cloned himself (it was actually a mentally deranged clone of him that was rejected by his father; see below). Unfortunately clone Dean accidentally hugged one of the many explosive Dr. Venture decoys that Sgt. His face is freckled and he usually wears a sweater-vest over a button-up shirt with trousers that are slightly too short for his height, giving him an appearance highly re… Dean later tries to win her back but fails miserably. Beverly Goodman • The Venture Bros. having a "brother". despite the modern-day setting of the show. Dean first met Dermott in The Buddy System, where Dean angrily beat the latter for being rude and insulting Triana. Dr. White thoughtfully presented Dean with an envelope containing the remains of his recently-grown pubic hair, since the operation required its removal, and Quizboy told Dean that during the operation, he had "hooked him up with the complete package," the meaning of which was lost on him. Triana's departure left a large impact on Dean as he adopted more serious and darker personality and caused him to hold Triana in contempt. In The Revenge Society he is revealed to be the rightful Sovereign of the Guild of Calamitous Intent by David Bowie, owing to his blood descent from Colonel Lloyd Venture of the Victorian Era Guild, further hinting at his possibly evil nature. Their middle name can, and might, become their nickname A gas leak in the Venture Compound (which killed the boys in their sleep). Further, Dr. Venture has vaguely referred to the boys having an actual mother on two occasions—once he said that he created the boys in a moment of passion, and another time they asked him about their mother, he said he realized he never told them about her, but was then cut off. Rising", forcing Gary to live in the Venture's backyard. John Goodspeed • Afterwards, Sirena kissed Dean on the cheek for attempting to help her. A message towards the end of the episode about the topic: "Stop, Touch, and Tell.". Lloyd Venture, Gary Goodspeed • The Guild of Calamitous Intent are the primary antagonists in the series. November. In some situations, he finds himself the unwilling subordinate to Hank's wishes; he was forced to serve as his brother's slave after losing a bet in Mid-Life Chrysalis and became an employee at Hank's grinder and lemonade stand in Tag Sale - You're It!. He is often far more cautious and fearful usually warning his brother against doing dangerous or foolhardy things which most of the time goes unheeded and earns him derision from his brother and leads to him being called a wuss. In The Saphrax Protocol Dean took his brother to the hospital after he fainted. Full Name In Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel, Dean is the only person to whom a dog named Hitler - said by all except Dean to be the incarnation of Hitler and embodiment of evil - reacts with friendly enthusiasm rather than aggression. Origin It was shown Dean felt bad about his actions, reciting to him a long list of reasons why he has been a terrible brother to Hank. Enemies They were frequently the antagonists to Team Venture during the 1960s, and it is shown that Jonas and his team often seemed to merely be tormenting and bullying them for fun rather than fighting them out of any sense of justice. His face is freckled and he usually wears a sweater-vest over a button-up shirt with trousers that are slightly too short for his height, giving him an appearance highly reminiscent of Peter Parker. At the beginning of the series, Dean is sixteen years old (see "Death" and "rebirth" below), tall and thin, and wears his reddish-brown hair in a slightly longer style than his fraternal twin brother Hank. Due to Dr. Venture's reluctance to discuss his sons' mother (not to mention his "super-science" background and lack of social skills), some fans have speculated that Dean and Hank were never born in the conventional sense and are merely clones of their "father." Dr. Venture has vaguely referred to the boys having an actual mother on a few occasions: Hammer and Publick have confirmed that the boys do, in fact, have a biological mother. Dean tells him that he has company but the person turns out to be a dazed Hank who catches Dean sleeping with Sirena. Commander's form. This is largely a comical acknowledgment of the works they parody (such as the above-mentioned Hardy Boys and Johnny Quest). Originally a terrorist organization that was the primary adversary of the O.S.I.

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