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I haven't had braces ever and I haven't used a whitening kit on my teeth.

Just one more reason to get flossing. If you're a dental hygiene fanatic, you might be inclined to floss more than the suggested amount. I started using Paradontax toothpaste (whitening), basic mouthwash and floss. If you have persistent sore or bleeding gums, or painful teeth or gums, talk to your dental care team. "It gets the job done, if you're using it correctly." After a few days it should feel better, and if you make it a habit you won’t feel anything at all when flossing. It's normal that it hurts/bleeds if you don't do it often. He told me all I need is a cleaning, and 2 fillings - a 'cavity' is beginning on one tooth while another filling needs to be fixed because the resin on top of a chipped tooth is beginning to blacken. Dr. Glassman told me about a recent study which revealed that "healthy gums can decrease plaque build-up, which can cause the narrowing of arteries. Once the floss is in place, gently slide the floss up and down against the tooth and slightly below the gum line.

Essentially, you need to be getting gunk out of the edge of your gum line and from in between your teeth in all those spots that brushes can't hit.

Hold the floss tightly between your thumbs and forefingers, with about 2.5cm of floss between them, leaving no slack. Dental irrigation devices, with adjustable water pressure settings, also be effective at cleaning between the teeth, and an option if you are not able to floss or have ongoing discomfort with flossing. This could help eliminate pain after flossing. If you aren’t sure how to floss, ask your dental hygienist or dentist for tips and instructions on how to floss properly. Again, periodontitis is the culprit! I will never be this stupid again - I don't care how tired I am (a big excuse to get out of cleaning teeth in the past: "Nah I'm in bed already - why get up etc.) After maybe a week of flossing, bleeding should stop and the gum should be must less sensitive. Once they begin to harden, it creates a feeding ground for bacteria, and "the longer the bacteria are in your mouth, the more likely it is to cause inflammation and produce a sulfur-like odor.". Let’s face it: it’s challenging enough to discipline ourselves to floss as recommended every day.

If flossing hurts should you stop? Dental crowns don’t last forever, and when they begin to loosen, the nerves in the tooth roots can become exposed. Conviced you need to floss daily yet?

What I noticed is how it seems to give this pain to my gums, but the feeling is... great. Also, each time you visit your dental team, provide an update of your health status, medical conditions and your medications. The last thing I want is gum disease FROM flossing. On the other end of the spectrum, there are those who are not flossing enough. If you already have diabetes, however, he says that "many studies have shown that patients who have good oral hygiene may actually improve diabetes control." However, according to Dr. Glassman, the average adult should be flossing once a day "to avoid plaque from hardening.". Here are six of the most common reasons that your teeth hurt after flossing, along with suggestions for treatment. "Not flossing your teeth is like only washing the outside of a mug and not the inside." My last visit to the dentist everything was fine. But once I start flossing gums, I bleed. Flossing not only gives you a better smile, but a healthier body as well. Dr. Glassman told me that "Helicobacter pylori is a type of bacteria that can cause stomach ulcers."

Flossing too vigorously or applying too much pressure on the gums can cause the gums to bleed." Infrequent Flossing .

Now....my teeth feel like they have been punched with a fist! Mouthwash second?? This is so awesome! Surprise, surprise — the disease that results from poor dental hygiene can cause stomach ulcers. How bad was your gingivitis, did you have eroded teeth? If you don't know how to floss properly, your efforts make little difference to your dental and overall health.

Don't write anything like 'floss' on it, because that sounds too disciplinary." Infrequently the cause of sore gums is a medical condition or a drug side effect, so be sure to follow up with your doctor if you have unexplained sore gums. For everyone asking so they don't have to run through a bunch of replies - I grew up in foster homes until I was about 6 and nobody taught me to brush my teeth. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. How long did it take for you to get to where you wanted after starting?

If your tooth hurts when flossing after filling, it may be that the filling is also cracked or loose. Flossing may temporarily aggravate your symptoms, which may also include swollen, bleeding and red gums, receding gums and loose teeth. Some women, as a result of hormones during pregnancy, menstruation or menopause, will have sore, swollen or bleeding gums. You may have sore gums if you have gum disease -- whether you have a mild case of gingivitis, or if you have the more advanced periodontal disease. and should i get the teeth pulled that my gingivitis is affecting? I've never once had a check-up without a cavity or ten.

This can irritate or traumatize the gum tissue. I think you are self sadiistic... if that is a word.

However, if using regular floss is challenging (perhaps it hurts your finger tips), he also says that the curved shape floss picks are just as effective as regular flossing because "they're designed to get to all areas of the mouth.". Most people know that they should floss, and that flossing is a good thing for them to do. Unfortunately, most dentists’ advice around flossing … However, removing plaque between teeth is a way to reverse early gum disease, so flossing is an important part of care. If your teeth hurt after flossing with braces, pay attention to when it happens. Relevance. If flossing continues to hurt you should see a dentist because you may have gum disease. If you're not flossing regularly, or at all, you could be at a high risk of getting one.

According to the American Dental Association, flossing -- along with professional cleaning and tooth brushing -- is as an integral part of dental care, and assists in the prevention of tooth and gum disease 14. I didn't know not to do that. Best case scenario is that the "pain" is just sensitivity. I also enjoyed the pain received from flossing my gums. Now that you've committed to flossing daily, you'll probably want to go out and get some floss — but what kind should you buy? After flossing, you should use mouthwash to remove any detritus disturbed by flossing. So remember to floss to aid in keeping control of your diabetes!

what kind of medication should i apply to prevent my gum from wearing off. He told me that it's a great way to get back into the habit of flossing. You should definitely not be flossing to pain, that's not good. Veneers Vs. Implants: Which One Is Right For Me? Unfortunately, while dentists agree that brushing your teeth regularly is imperative to good dental hygiene, flossing is just, if not more, important — even to prevent something as simple as bad breath. I hope one day I can feel like you feel. I had horrible issues with dental care snd my teeth are still in a place where I am a bit insecure. "If you suffer from periodontitis, it puts you at a much higher risk for kidney disease.". My dentist told me that I have gingivitis. 1. Try using a waterpick with half warm water, half listerine right before you brush at night. If you have persistent sore or bleeding gums, or painful teeth or gums, talk to your dental care team.

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