poveglia island for sale

Although plague quarantines were largely ineffective, the desperate need to stop the spread of disease drove other areas to adopt the practice. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below. The next owner died of a heart attack. Paul Fürst/Wikimedia CommonsA 17th century plague doctor. In colonial New York, the city council set up a quarantine station on the island that now houses the Statue of Liberty. Whether you’re superstitious or not, the facts around the unfortunate fate of its past owners are screaming of a curse. It’s estimated that the island is home to around 4000 of them. “When plague struck the town, everybody sick or showing any suspect symptoms were restricted on the island until they recovered or died,” explains anthropologist Luisa Gambaro. The Venetians cremated untold thousands of bodies on Poveglia, leaving the ashy remains of plague victims to fall where they may. Known as Poveglia Island, the small dot of land has housed people since at least the fifth century when Romans escaped Goth and Hun invasions by fleeing to more defensible islands in the lagoon. The mutineers of HMS Bounty were the first inhabitants. Even if you can’t afford to buy your own Pacific Island, the next best thing is to just live on one for free, and although it sounds too good to be true, such an offer does exist! [email protected] According to one website — which, again, may not be the definitive source of historical information — inmates on the “Island of Madness” reported seeing thousands of ghosts. Today, the locals claim that the ghosts of the dead haunt the island demanding justice, which is probably why there are no buyers or tourists lurking about the place. The one after went insane and committed suicide, as did the next owner, an heir to the Fiat Company. Just a couple of slight problems. A 1572 map of Venice showing the many islands of the lagoon. The island was originally settled in the 421 and over 800 years people lived there in peace until the residents ultimately fled due to war. How about a Canadian island residence just off the coast of Nova Scotia for only 98,000 Canadian dollars? From 1960 to 1996, France carried out 193 nuclear tests in French Polynesia in the South Pacific. The area is famous for all manner of sailing activities, from yachting to paddling your own canoe. Email us. © 2020 All Rights Reserved www.beamazed.com, France carried out 193 nuclear tests in French Polynesia, scientists have discovered high levels of thyroid cancers, Brazilian Government has banned all human visitors, one bite will kill a person within an hour, authorities are BEGGING you to live there, Wikimedia Commons / Peter Fitzgerald, Andrew J.Kurbiko, Hansbaer, OpenStreetMap, Insanely Expensive Things That Are Actually Worth Every Penny, Bizarre Cultural Practices Of Ancient Egypt, Things Made in China That Are Actually Amazing, Creatures More Terrifying Than Megalodon Living In the Mariana Trench, Creepiest Houses You’d Never Enter Even If You Were Paid, Amazing Design Ideas That Will Take Your House To Another Level, Real Life VILLAINS Proving Reality Is Stranger Than Fiction, Features Only The Most RARE People Are Born With, The Most Efficient Predatory Animals In The World, Places Where Gravity Doesn’t Seem To Work, The Hottest Temperatures Ever Recorded Anywhere on Earth, Mysterious Bone Discoveries That Shocked The World. Those are probably the only horror movie tropes that haven’t happened on Poveglia already. Sometime prior to the year 1300, the island was abandoned for reasons unspecific, but not related to anything evil. We’re willing to bet that an ultra-spooky, plague-stricken private island …Read More: Italy: World’s Most Haunted Private Island Goes Up For Sale During the 1920s, it housed a mental institution where, due to its isolation, abusive and inhumane medical procedures went on. Like many other islands in French Polynesia, Motu Matatahi is up for sale for just over $260,000. Tens of thousands of dead and living Black Plague victims were brought here across centuries. The New York House Declared “Legally Haunted” Is for Sale, Patrick Stewart Sings Cowboy Songs, Because He and His Wife Are a Beautiful Pair of Weirdos, Kermit the Frog, Randall Park, and Clark Gregg Star in Awkward ABC Spot for. A family tried to move in (because abandoned sanatoriums are a great place to raise kids) and reportedly left after just one night, so Poveglia has basically been a party island for ghosts for the past fifty years. What Is With This Bizarre Pandemic Poster From Andrew Cuomo? In 1777, Venice’s Magistrate of Health turned Poveglia Island into its primary plague checkpoint. Although it has served various purposes, this place is well-known for its macabre past. In 2014, Venice unsuccessfully tried to auction off the island but the deal fell through and the island’s status remains in limbo. Romantic views, historic architecture, great gondola parking–living on Poveglia should be any eccentric millionaire’s dream. The Italian government has put the now-deserted property up for sale and will be auctioning it off to the highest bidder on May 6th. During the first attempt, the rope snapped and Getter fell to the floor and had to wait twenty minutes before the scaffold was made ready. In addition to quarantining plague victims on Poveglia, the island also became a gigantic mass grave for the corpses of the dead. [Corpse carriers] simply had no time to take care of the burials.”. So how come today it’s a deserted, Romanesque ruin that no one wants to buy? An estimated 160,000 people died on the island during that time, so get ready to have a lot of tombmates roommates. Sounds horrific! If that isn’t an eerie enough backstory to convince you to get your AmEx out, in 1922 the island was also turned into a mental hospital. It seems like the first thing the super-rich do. But beware: as I’m sure a grizzled fisherman/prophet will appear to tell any prospective bidders, the island comes with a gruesome history. The Italian government is looking for someone to take on a 99 year lease. “Often the dying ones and the ones too sick to move or talk were taken for dead and thrown on the piled corpses.”. For centuries, Poveglia Island was Venice’s solution to the plague: An isolated quarantine site where victims of the plague were sent after infection with few ever leaving the island again. The ghost of one Charles Getter haunts the island. It’s also known as one of the most haunted places on earth. You want privacy, sunshine, private beaches, and blue seas. However, due to local pressure, the sale received the “non-congruous” label. The islands of the Atlantic coast and Scandinavia are renowned for their striking natural beauty and moderate climates which are much healthier than tropical areas. Have a tip or story idea? That’s equivalent to one snake every square foot. From the 16th century on, Poveglia Island housed plague victims and there many breathed their last and were cremated or buried in mass graves.

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