the two sides of chaga

Ibuprofen can increase risk of heart attack or stroke. Without a source of the ability to reproduce, the chaga may quickly enter into a period of scarcity or extinction.” -Robert Rogers. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. But a lot of things are “good for us”. I would consider other things first. Some people claim that Chaga can regulate the immune system and bring it into equilibrium, which could be helpful. And the big take home point that Robert (who is a botanist & mushroom expert & has worked as an herbalist for over 40 years) is making is that Chaga is a conk that is sterile. Chaga may lower blood sugar levels for some people. Start using Chaga during your daily health regimen. Chaga Natural harvests Chaga in Siberia for precisely this reason. Yes, I know Chaga is tasty. It is also important to know the quality of the Chaga you are purchasing. And if the price reflected that, as well as the potential scarcity that could be coming our way (like the price Goldenseal is at now-another plant that was over harvested after it became the darling of the health food industry) people might be more judicious with it’s use. If you are unsure about whether or not Chaga is right for you, it is always best to talk with your medical professional about your specific needs. ): It could cause some minor problems. There have been few studies regarding Chaga’s benefits, as well as any negative side effects. Why not try Reishi? You may want to take a proactive approach to your health. Many Chaga users typically report an increased state of alertness after consuming the tea. A lot of mushrooms are “good for us”. But can chaga tea actually be dangerous?

Chaga tea has made waves in recent years due to an increase in popularity ... but there are some people that should be aware of the down sides. However, it may not be worth the risk if you have an auto immune disorder.

For many users this is ideal and Chaga can replace their daily cup of coffee. Chaga grows in a specific bio-region & on a few types of trees—& most of the research done on Chaga involves the birch hosted type. But really “odd” is the operative word here-rarely is more likely.

What does two sides of the same coin expression mean? :)). On a local scale, we have a designated  United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary-the Senses of the Soul Farm & Sanctuary just outside of Cochrane, AB. ), The Art of “No” or Why Saying No IS Self Care, Part 2, The Art of “No”–or Why Saying No IS Self Care (Part 1). This is also an expected and desired effect for many Chaga users, but there are some people that should be aware of the down sides. Chaga is a very safe mushroom to consume. Maybe once. If we pick all the mushrooms, the mycelium is still there & can fruit again & produce more mushrooms when the conditions are right. United Plant Savers is a great organization dedicated to education & protection of at-risk & sensitive plants—have a look if you’d like to learn more. As it matures, it concentrates many healthy compounds found within the tree in its own cells. This occurs during a short one- to two-day period of time and has rarely been witnessed.

A balanced approach to wellness is necessary and a doctor may need to know how everything that is impacting your body is working together. Great Flavors To Mix With Chaga Mushroom Tea, Chaga Mushroom Benefits Your Immune System With Antioxidants. Chaga is found on birch trees found in the northern hemisphere of the world. Many people add several cups of Chaga tea to their daily diet to promote health and wellness. You can’t use it without understanding the limitations around it’s use. This healthy mushroom poses very little risks and can offer immense health benefits. If you bleed or bruise easily or take a blood thinning medication, you will want to avoid Chaga. It’s a special medicine for the truly depleted, for certain types of cancer therapy & we should have it available for those that need it. Much of that was informed by a mentor who understood the limitations around growing and using chaga, and fiercely felt it should be protected & respected. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ab6e5a62a2a1fc7c1865efe60a7eba5d" );document.getElementById("i18e84eda6").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); United Plant Savers Medicinal Plant Conservation Certificate Program, Fall 2020: August 31 - Oct. 9 While it is unlikely that these products will cause very serious side effects, Chaga that is not pure won’t have the same positive impacts. If you are being treated for a specific complication or are taking medications of any kind, talk with your your prescribing doctor before adding Chaga into your regular routine.

One minor side effect is increased alertness. Bulletin Board.

Roast those roots for your morning beverage!) Do you know how often I use Chaga with clients now or have used it in a protocol for clients while in 3 years of student clinic? It is precisely these beneficial, active compounds that can pose a potential risk for those with specific health indications. Comment. Raymond Clémençon. Household medicines that most doctors consider very safe have significant side effects. two sides of the same coin phrase. Patients with diabetes may need to change or modify some of their medications. YEG Community Herbalist – Dionne Jennings. Chaga is one of the weirdest mushrooms you may ever see., Copyright © 2017 Dionne Jennings, YEG Herbalist, Your email address will not be published. When you are working with plants for the benefit of people, the flip side of that is you also need to advocate for the plants.

Cheers everyone, thanks for reading, until next time, eat your dandelions & enjoy your oats (& try those powdered mushrooms)! It could be necessary to avoid Chaga all together. You can read Robert’s original article for United Plant Savers here:, Also, great article I found written by Michael Vertolli after I wrote this whole damn thing ;)–please note that he doesn’t use it or recommend it any longer due to the sustainability issue:, Paul Stamets article In Huffington Post regarding cultivation (it’s promising! What I was taught about Chaga is that it isn’t to be sprinkled on everything like a condiment-it needs to be prepared in a certain way to be bio-available to the body (like most medicinal mushrooms). You will also want to eliminate Chaga from your daily routine at least two weeks before any planned surgery. “This demand for chaga has led to a feverish state of over-harvesting that may prove to be the ruin of an important health product. Overharvesting chaga stands means that when the birch finally succumbs and falls down, the microscopic fertile fruiting bodies may not present themselves to release spores and infect another tree. Chaga concentrates components, such as betulinic acid and antioxida. or whether it’s not, and taking a step back to look at the bigger picture. They’re their own odd entity. A batch of those kale chips? Robert is not the only one sounding the alarm-many people such as herbalists Jim Mcdonald, Michael Vertolli & mushroom guru Paul Stamets & my own mentor Abrah Arneson have all been on that bandwagon for some time now.

© 2020 United Plant Savers, Inc. All Rights Reserved. If you are concerned about how Chaga may interact with your body or the medications you are taking, talk with your doctor about how to start safely including Chaga in your regular routine.

Cultural history of the Chaga. Let’s take a closer look at what chaga tea really is, and uncover any potential health risks that may be lurking inside each up. This can be especially helpful as cold and flu season kick off. Once again, there are few clinical studies that can prove the side effects or the degree to which Chaga can cause the side effect listed above. I’m not suggesting that oats are interchangeable with Chaga-they have different properties & applications—but I have no issue with anyone trying oats or using them everyday because it’s supposed to be “good for you” because we can grow oats for miles (and yes, they are)!

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